Late Night Gimp Fight Interview

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Ahead of their stint at Knock2Bag East at Rich Mix on Friday 19th October, we caught up with Late Night Gimp Fight to talk muppets, gimp masks and the best late night snacks….. 
Do gimp masks come in all shape and sizes? Or is it one size fits all?
Alas they only come in one size. This is fine for all of us except Matt who has a larger than normal face. If anyone wants to make us some custom gimp masks that would be great. A pillow case for Dave, Paul, Rich and Lee and a duvet cover for Matt should suffice.
How sweaty do your gimp masks get?
Revoltingly so. There is one mask which we lovingly refer to as "Old Rusty". The silver fabric has, through time and sweat, turned a fine shade of red. Nobody likes wearing Old Rusty. One of our favourite things to do is sneak Old Rusty into someone's props bag so, just before the show when it's too late, they realise what has happened and have to wear him for the show. You can always spot the one wearing Old Rusty as they're the one dancing out of time and gasping for air…
Why is five better than six in a comedy troupe? 
Purely for financial reasons. For that reason four is probably better than five, three is better than four, two better than three and going solo by far the best option. The long term plan is to eventually franchise out five different Late Night Gimp Fight solo shows and make some big money. Or at least enough to buy new masks.
You have a sketch about having a wrestler dad. What would be your signature wrestler move?
The Cock Smash. Does exactly what it says on the tin.
Do you think your hoodie foot puppets could take on the muppets?
Hell yes. Kermit, Miss Piggy, all of them. Except Beaker. Paul looks a lot like Beaker. It really is uncanny. I think the only puppet out there we would struggle with would be Zippy from Rainbow. He is like a giant Gimp himself with the zip up mouth. Is George his master? Maybe. Wo does that make Bungle? No one knows. No one cares. Bungles a dick. I think we've become side tracked. Was Jeffrey ever asked for a CRB?
It's the month of Halloween, what are your fancy dress outfits of choice? 
Halloween is all about dressing up as things that scare you so we would probably all pop a suit on and go as respectable grown ups. Horrible thought.
Best late night snack? 
In Edinburgh it is, after a late show, compulsory to go to the City Restaurant and order the sausage surprise and chips. What is the surprise element you ask? The surprise is that there are two sausages. That is not a surprise. That is just too much sausage.
Best heckle heard? 
We once had a woman climb up on stage while we were in the middle of a strip routine and start doing hand stands. Lee was stood there with his cock out at the time. I dont think there are many people who can say they were heckled with gymnastics. And she was shit at it too.
Best come back to a heckle?  
In Edinburgh there was an unruly group of very, very drunk lads who kept getting up to go in and out. In one particularly high brow sketch, Lee was onstage pretending to wank as Paul looked on in disgust when one of the drunk lads got up and walked onto the stage with a big confused grin on his face. The audience went silent. Lee went silent. Paul turned to the Lee and, referring to the guy, said "Looks like you're not the biggest wanker in the room after all…" The audience loved it, the guy shook Paul's hand and walked off with his mate and Lee continued to wank. Everyone was a winner. Everyone except the venue staff who had to mop up the piss the guy did on the staircase on his way out. That's a not uncommon reaction to one of our shows.
Got any good knock knock jokes?
Is there such thing as a 'good' knock knock joke?
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