Interzone – Celebrating 100 Years Of William S Burroughs

Art & Culture

?2 days after what would have been his 100th birthday, a rather special event will be taking place to celebrate the long, illustrious life of the cult hero William S Burroughs. The folks down at the old Guerrilla Zoo have spent days constructing their own 'Interzone' as the location for the event. Inspired by the idea of a 'metaphorical stateless city' from Burrough's time writing his critically acclaimed novel 'Naked Lunch', the idea or this host venue has clearly been thoroughly constructed.


Promising that attendees will be immersed in a world full of crews of 'Wild Boys', gun-runners, and decadent artists is a lot to deliver yet there is so much conviction on show from the organisers that it is easy to imagine that they have spent every waking moment of the last few months putting this together. With no sign of exactly where Interzone will be located expected until the last minute, there appears to be a genuine sense of mystery surrounding the event. Something so abstract and unconventional seems to be the perfect way to celebrate the life of one of the most innovative and genuinely interesting literary figures of the last century.


Though the life of Burroughs wasn't exactly free and easy (he 'accidentally' shot and killed his wife during a game), it remains to be almost a real-life telling of one of his novels and it is no secret where much of his inspiration came from. The mixed up world that existed within Burrough's head is perhaps what we can expect to see at Interzone as a cavalcade of promenade theatre, music, performance art, film, and art installations are crammed into just one evening of entertainment. Exactly what will be on show once the arena is entered has remained a closely guarded secret, though there promises to be plenty to fulfil your senses.


So on February 7th, for one night only, Interzone will rise.


Tickets are almost gone but there are some still available here at 30 a pop (advance sales only).


Ciaran Steward