How We Used To Live

Art & Culture

One of the things that has seen a large rise in popularity within films is the soundtrack. Whilst before we may have only been interested in John Williams or Danny Elfman, a number of musicians have been trying their hand at a spot of film composition.

The latest outfit to give this a go are Saint Etienne as they provide the soundtrack for acclaimed director Paul Kelly's 'How We Used To Live' – a unique celebration of post-war London on film, constructed using rare footage drawn from the BFI National Archive. Using only colour footage from 1950 – 1980, the film covers the early days of the welfare state up to the opening years of Margaret Thatcher's reign. Saint Etienne's Pete Wiggs and Sarah Cracknell provide stunning harmonies, making sure that you're in for a world of both visual and aural delights.

'How We Used To Live' will be screened at Barbican Hall on this Saturday, 13th September, for tickets and more information click here.