Forest Of The Dancing Spirits

Art & Culture
Forest Of The Dancing Spirits takes a look at the Aka, a community which has managed to exist without contact with the outside world for generations in the rainforest of Congo. With a focus on young couple Akaya and Kengole who are sturggling to have a child, the documentary shows an insight into a world that relies heavily on the tightness of the community.
Director Linda Vastrik worked on the film for seven years. Living with the Aka for extended periods of time, she gains their friendship and we are introduced to their mythological gods, the dancing spirits. The film is exquisitely shot and features the stunning rainforest just as much as the community living within it.

DocHouse are screening the UK Premiere of Linda Vastrik’s Forest of the Dancing Spirits at Riverside Studios, 12th June 7.30pm, for tickets and more information click here.