Films 4 Peace

Art & Culture

If you were running a huge multinational company and wanted to sponsor something to show your heart was in the right place, then Peace might be a good place to start. In a small way Puma are trying to do excatly that, putting money into an annual short film commission, films4peace, that is a feature of World Peace Day, which happens every year on 21st September (yes, we're a bit late but, you know, there we are…).

Obviously, World Peace Day is a lot bigger than a film commision or a corporate sponsorship, but it's interesting to see Puma positioning themselves as champions of peace. Sponsors of peace, even. films4peace has got some very arty litle shorts in it, most lasting no more than a minute or two from directors all over the world –  21 in all who were invited to submit by the curator of the project, Mark Coetzee, all with the brief of visually interpreting the subject of peace. It's a nice idea, but it's sullied slightly by Puma's somewhat clumsy overexposure in the whole mix. Anyways, below are a couple of the films – one from Uk's own Isaac Julien and one from Japan's Noriko Okaku.  You can check all the films out at the films4peace site.