Electricity In Our Homes – Appletre

Art & Culture

Promoters of London via Southend-on-Sea underground happening Experimental Circle Club; DJ Thomas Silverman and graphic designer Ciaran O’Shea embark on new project ECC Archives.

Using a disused office block to stage this DIY video project, and document thier unique brand of experimental electronics and caustic guitars.

Taking ispiriation from the New York No Wave scene during the late 70's and 80's their idea is to take things back to basics: a white room, a single unbroken camera shot, a live audio recording and a three song set, carefully selected each act to reflect the fresh organic performance of an exciting emerging underground movement.??The footage from the first collection of five bands will be screened at a private viewing. The audio and video will be released digitally and as limited DVD and aslo on cassette and VHS recordings (if you can remember those?!). Video of one track from each artist will be available to stream online, more details can be found at www.experimentalcircleclub.co.uk/eccarchives.

ELECTRICITY IN OUR HOMES 'Appletree' from DER ECC on Vimeo.