E Ruscha V: Five Graphic Visual Delights

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There has been an element of excited intrigue around the debut album of Eddie Ruscha. "Who Are You" has just been released on the enigmatic Beats In Space, the record label based out of New York City run by Tim Sweeney. Whilst this is his first outing under his own name he has long since been an important figure beneath the undergrowth of American electronic and experimental music having released music previously on Stones Throw, ESP Institute, Emotional Response and more. You may otherwise know him as the man behind Secret Circuit…

As somewhat of an eccentric the album is a beautifully enchanting assortment of ambient works orchestrated through uniquely programmed synthesizers and gracious instrumentation. We invited him to explore influential elements of character as he guides us through the work of some of his favourite visual artists… 

See below: 

Sigmar Polke

Shamanistic expression and alchemical process tied with collage, psychedelics and humor. An endless treasure of visual and mental games. Here’s an altered photograph he did titled, “Untitled (Quetta, Pakistan), 1974-1978. Many of his works strike it for me but I can see an influence on some of the videos for my new record here where abstract gestures react with photographic image.

Ettore Sottssas

The Memphis master. A perfect blend of visual design testing the limits of function and form while testing the borders of fine art and happenings. I really love the things he did that satellite his more famous design work such as his fantastical sketches for impossible architectural spaces.

Tadenori Yokoo

The great Japanese mystic pop artist. The early graphic work rings strong with a unique sense of collage composition tied to a rich Japanese history that is subverted and altered to it's own mind bending ends. 

Victor Varsarley

Simple pleasing designs that are meant to take a place as a room accompaniment with playful yet pleasing color and form visual playground spaces. It’s almost as if the artist’s personality is stripped away and what is left is a only an image meant to blend in with and alter the surroundings.

Victor Moscoso

One of the kings of abstract comics and poster design. Pushing the mediums into then unexplored territories of text and visual blending that could be almost seen as a secret code only meant for the awakened eye. It’s amazing to me that a mere decade later the punk flier design style arrived. I love the dialog between the two styles.

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