David Bowie Exhibition In Berlin

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Far be it from me to judge but I'm glad to get the chance to cast the spotlight onto an arts event outside of London. After a somewhat enforced hiatus, due to the new site developing and my ever-increasing Ransom Note responsibilities, I'm back to perusing the arts sections again and pointing out must-see events for all the trendsetters out there. Or something like that…


Folks in Berlin will have a fantastic opportunity over the next few months to delve into the world of David Bowie thanks to a new exhibition which has moved to the German capital after an incredibly successful spell in London's very own V&A. Bowie fans, who I'm assuming don't have a ridiculous nickname such as Beliebers, Directioners or whatever nonsense Miley Cyrus's fanbase call themselves, will be able to indulge themselves in handwritten lyrics as well as a veritable treasure trove of Bowie memorabilia.

With everything from costumes to instruments on show, this could be the stuff of dreams for any Bowie-holic and the exhibition will help to give an insight into the ever-intriguing world of one of Britain's most famous musical figures. Bowie has had close ties with Berlin for decades and it seems a nature location for this exhibition to be on offer for just shy of a 3 month stay. As the city that holds the reputation for inspiring the likes of Heroes, Berlin became almost a second home to Bowie and it gave him some of his most popular creations along with a wealth of inspirations for all his creative avenues, music-based or otherwise.

So if you find yourself with a few hours to spare in Berlin, why not indulge yourself in a world of musical history at Martin-Gropius-Bau? Given that the London exhibition was sold out you might need to act swiftly if you want to feast your eyes on Ziggy's goods.

Berlin: David Bowie takes place from 20th May – 10th August at Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin.

To grab your tickets, click here.

Ciaran Steward