Critical Beats

Art & Culture

Co-hosted by The Wire and the University of East London, Critical Beats is a series of talks and panel discussions exploring various aspects of electronic dance music and club culture as they manifest in East London and beyond. The events will feature contributions from some of the most active musicians, producers, critics and theorists on the scene.

The next talk is entitled 'Place, Locality & Globalisation'. From Techno to dubstep, the most significant dance music cultures emerge locally but impact globally. This discussion looks at how dance scenes emerge from specific local geographies, and what happens to them when they migrate and go viral. On the panel are Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz), Martin Clark (Blackdown/Keysound) and George Mahood (Big Daddy). The talk is  moderated by Derek Walmsley.

The event takes place at London Stratford Circus on the 8th of December.

The talk is the second in a series. For more info on all upcoming talks as well as your chance to participate in the dialgoue on the subject, check out The Wire listing here.