Crazy Stupid Love

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I guess this is what passes for a sophisticated romantic comedy these days, in which case Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant can go back to sleep with easy minds. Their status is not being threatened by this lame duck of a film.

It’s a shame really, because a) there’s a terrific cast assembled and b) there is potential for an interesting movie. Instead what we get is a series of absurd coincidences and plot manipulations, and a storyline that has way too many threads to keep us intrigued.

Deep breath. Steve Carell is married to Julianne Moore, but she announces her wish for a divorce in the opening sequence, as they eat out together. Back home, we discover the 17 year old babysitter has feelings for Steve Carell, and Carell’s 13 year old son has feelings for the babysitter. Oh yes, and Julianne Moore is having a thing with Kevin Bacon. Right. Carell hangs out in a bar where local Lothario Ryan Gosling pulls women just for fun. He decides to do a My Fair Lady makeover on Carell (Reason Implausible), who then becomes something of a babe magnet and scores with Marisa Tomei. But he still has feelings for the missus, while Gosling has a thing for Emma Stone who’s engaged to a disposable dweeb.

See what I mean about too much plot? Less is more, and for that matter, More is less. The film spends its whole time running round like a mother with 6 kids trying to make sure each one is getting equal air time, and then coming up with some ludicrous ‘twists’ which are just good old fashioned cheating. It’s not a horrible film – with those actors there are some compensations – but talk about a waste of talent and money. And it goes on too long as well.


Phil Raby

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