Comedy Slice #51

Art & Culture

Whoop Whoop it’s the sound of the comedy slice, hurtling towards you with a round of upcoming hot comedy in London. Brace yourself. 

Saturday 28th // Up the creek // 14

Greenwich is another world from the grimy face of East London or the Ugg clad legs of West London, and can feel like being sucked into a leafy time warp. Up the Creek comedy nights give you a safety paddle should wish to escape Greewich’s overwhelming pleasantness with a stream of comedians to rattle the cage of any hints suburbia. This night included Ian Smith MC, Ian Moore, Milo McCabe and Adam bloom. Get on this gravy train.

Wednesday 2nd // Musical C.I.D // Camden Head // 5

Musical comedian Abi Roberts hosts a live chat show in which her guests, fellow comedians,  talk us through their music collection. Think desert island discs with more vital questions such as What are their guilty pleasures? What song do they have sex too? being answered. Tonight’s guests include mentalist magician Doug Segal.

Thursday 3rd // Queen of HAs // The Island Queen // 3 

And lastly, I say au revouir with a demure royal wave of a comedy night. Queen of the HAs is a night new to my radar and I’m intrigued. This line up included the laid back Masud Milas, the cheeky James Loveridge, the upbeat Prince Abdi, and the self- deprecating Nick Dixon. Let’s go check it out together. If it is good you can buy me a drink, and if not then get yourself two. But it will be good.

Holly Hyde-Smith