Comedy Slice #49

Art & Culture

Has the cold and rain slapped you round the face like a wet fish awaking you rather rudely to the fact this is Britain, not some delicious Mediterranean isle? August has fooled you my friend. On the bright side, could anything be more appealing right now than a pint in the warm glow of a comedian, and the soft sound of laughter surrounding you? To direct you to that special place is this weeks Comedy Slice. Because if you dont laugh youll cry.

Monday 16th // Adam Buxton – Kernel Panic // Union Chapel // 20  

Adam Buxton. The man needs little introduction other than to say he is that half of  cult show ‘Adam and Joe’. That’s right Adam live in your face. Buxton will be taking over the infamous Union Chapel for only four nights with his latest show “Kernel Panic”. The show is an exploration of the internet and how we portray ourselves in it and though it might sound like a souped up version of that email going round the with the latest crazy YouTube video, you just know this night is going to be so much more. 

Saturday 14th // Wit Happens  // Camden Head // 5

Wit is all about us in London. Before you’ve even got a limb caught in tube doors you’ll find the driver doling out his wit about ‘not getting caught in the doors’. On Saturday night the wit of London is piled into the Camden Head for a whole night. This Saturday, double Fosters Award Nominee James Acaster joins Jonny Lennard, Jack Barry and Chortle Student Comedian of the Year 2010 winner Phil Wang will be showing up to ensure wit actually goes down. 

Wednesday 18th // Cheese – a play //  Floor One 29 Oxford Street // 15 

And lastly, Comedy Slice is divulging something different – a play, a humorous play. Cheese is a political comedy about Joe and Freya who are living happily in their house made of Emmental, until one day the cheese runs out with no explanation. Joe sets out to investigate, taking us on an adventure to the end of the world and beyond… Intrigued? Confused? Well, this is a production by fanSHEN an award winning company that aims to help people imagine what they haven’t thought of yet…just know the company put on a good show and go find out what all this cheese chat is about.  

Holly Hyde-Smith