Comedy Slice #46

Art & Culture

The Comedy Slice is finally taking the plunge into comedy euphoria The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, for a weekend of gorging on the vast variety of comedy with the aim of seeking out the quality in the vast quantity…

22nd August – AA and A Free – Laughing Horse

If there is ever a festival that gives a chance for the more unusual comedy set up then The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is it, in fact I think it could be a prerequisite for Fringe comedy applications. In keeping with this tradition are three young musketeers Joe Bains, Russ and Mawaan Rizwan who bound on to the Fringe scene with a show of three illegal immigrants awaiting deportation back to Southall, Brixton and Antarctica.  Russ plays a deaf comedian who wants to hear the sound of laughter before he dies ,  Joe a sick indian who manages to stowaway attached to a truck containing radioactive waste and Mawaan Rizwan who is described as “a Hairy London comedian”. Unusual characters, an unusual setting it must be the Fringe – where else are you going to see this? 


24th August – Wilkinson Ford: Webmasters – Base Nightclub

Wilkinson Ford are a comedy duo formed of Nicola Wilkinson and Claire Ford. For their third show as Wilkinson Ford, the duo focus their high energy blend sketch and character comedy on tackling the World Wide Web, delving into hashtags and whether anyone actually ‘pokes’ any more. The duo’s smooth manoeuvring between live sketches and short films makes for an effortlessly enjoyable show of surreal silliness.

25th August – One of Us Might Be Famous – Laughing Horse

Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow is the holy grail for any comedian. Even appearances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is merely a stepping stone towards McIntyre glory. Four comedians have finally stepped forward and drawn the curtain to expose the truth on the McIntyre desire. Fern Brady (So You Think Youre Funny? and New Act of the Year finalist), Glenn Moore (Chortle Student Comedy Award runner-up and So You Think Youre Funny? finalist), Manraj Bahra (Chortle Student Comedy Award semi-finalist) and Tom Taylor (Harrogate Comedy Festival Comedian of the Year finalist). The four comedians have pooled their awards together in an attempt to capture the attention of the powers to be and get one of them on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow. Who knows maybe it will pay off?

Holly Hyde-Smith