Close Up Masterchef Volume 2

Art & Culture

Avery Hill Publishing are in a veritable stew of aromatic emotion as they announce the publication of David White's Close-Up MasterChef Volume 2, a magnified photographic documentation of MasterChef: The Professionals series five.

Just as the fifth exploration of televisually tough cooking on an expert level made history by resulting in joint winners for the first time, so Close-Up MasterChef Volume 2 also marks it's place in the annals of time by being printed in A4 size. Twice as big. Twice as close.
Close-Up MasterChef Volume 2 is limited to a first print of 50 copies with each copy individually numbered, features 24 black and white A4 pages, and as a super special limited launch offer, there's free shipping when bought with something else in the Avery Hill Shop. Which is here.