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Celebrate Hackney!



June 5th – Stoke Newington Media School

Social Action for Health

On Saturday 5 June, there over 50 speakers in 14 workshops at the event: Celebrate Hackney organised by Hackney Unites, a collation for social justice. One of the workshops will be concerned with ‘Community organisinmg and voluntary action; time to get political’ – of relevance to advice agencies in Hackney…..

The day will bring together wide sections of the community. There will be trade unionists, political activists, faith groups, campaign groups and community groups. There will be 50 speakers in 14 workshops. There will be massage, great food, a childrens choir (from the Pedro Club) plus a mini-film festival. For more details click here: http://www.hackneyunites.org.uk/

The event grew out of a coaltion which came together in Hackney to stop the BNP. However, people in Hackney also felt they wanted to celebrate their achievements and demonstrate that communities can come together around issues they care about.

It is going to be a great event, and a tabloid paper has been produced to promoteit. To view the tabloid click here: http://hackneyunites.blogspot.com/2010/05/celebrate-hackney-tabloid.html

Any offers of help to distribute this tabloid door-to-door in Hackney, or at venues in the borough would be helpful. If you can help, promote this event, please email hackneyunites@btinternet.com

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