Book Slam Vol. 1: ‘One For The Trouble’

Art & Culture

The literary organisation Bookslam have released their first annual and, as to be expected, it's a vital, inventive treat for fans of modern literature.

18 authors were approached to create short works based around song titles. The results are mixed, illuminating and hugely enjoyable. Examples range from Simon Armitage interpretting Joy Division's 'New Dawn Fades' into a haunting lament to Ian Curtis to Paul Murray somehow managing to successfully transpose Grandmaster Flash's 'The Message' into a heartbraking tale of schoolboy Rugby. In Ireland.

As we are super generous here at The Ransom Note, we are you giving you the oppurtunity to win an ebook of 'One For The Trouble: Volume One'. To enter simply email with the words 'I'm a massive fan of all the writers mentioned aswell as contemporary literature in general so GIMME THAT EBOOK' in the title.

For the full list of contributions and contributors, as well as details on how to get both phyiscal and ebook copies of the book, check the Bookslam website here. It also has details of when it would be too late to get the book before Christmas, so if you want to buy it for someone, or you're sick of Christmas shopping and feel like buying presents for yourself head over there NOW.