Backyard Cinema – Kingsman: The Secret Service

Art & Culture

Though it may have been a Tuesday night in Camden Market filled with impending showers and a rather chilly atmosphere, Backyard Cinema were able to provide an experience for those assembled that suggests their Summer season is well worth a visit.

By partnering with Honest Burger and Brooklyn Lager, the event gave attendees the opportunity to indulge in the three greatest vices of all – food, booze and a night in front of of a screen. Kingsman might not be the greatest film ever made but it was a great opportunity for the promoters to show off their high quality soundsystem, as well as a host of promos and short films including Kung Fury – probably the greatest trailer ever made, there's half an hour of this glory available online.

The quality of Honest Burger's chips and burger hinted that the evening ahead was going to be a rip-roaring success – if any of the major cinema chains started pairing up with food suppliers of as high quality as this then they might just about be able to justify the ever-increasing fees. However, you just can't beat the passion of promoters like Backyard Cinema as they actively try to ensure that every last audience member has a memorable experience for all the right reasons.

After a heavily delayed start, which eventually left those of us who don't live in London scrambling for the train station, the film began just as darkness settled around us and the blankets that were handed out were put to immediate use. Whether you were snuggled up with a loved one or sat next to one of those people that thinks they're hilarious and makes their own jokes throughout the film (I'm very sorry to the people around me, I just can't help it…) you could feel the warmth flowing through the crowd. The surprisingly comfortable bean-bag chairs were considerably sturdier than you might have imagined, meaning that you were easily able to avoid any distractions from the evening's entertainment.

With a selection of classics, musicals and new films lined up across the summer you'll be able to find at least a couple of nights worth spending out in Camden. When everything combines as excelently as this it'll feel like the whole cinema was set up just for you. That's a very special feeling indeed.

Photo: Craig Cunningham