Art Social ’14

Art & Culture

Here's something for all you arty-types to get your teeth into, why not go out and enjoy a multi-disciplinary festival run by pioneering charity and not-for-profit private members’ club, The House of St Barnabas?

Taking place from 31st July until 3rd August, the festival combines a number of innovative talks, interactive workshops and live music performances, all accompanied by works from acclaimed and emerging artists that have been commissioned to produce visual and sonic installations. Programmed in collaboration with Daydreaming Projects, the festival will also feature three central artistic collaborations, to be exhibited at the House throughout August, around which the rest of the festival will revolve. 

This is an attempt to bring people together, bridging cultural and social gaps with the use of contemporary art and music. The three central collaborations bring together artist Patrick Murphy, best known for his colourful and subversive flocks of pigeons which have previously appeared in Liverpool at the Walker Gallery, with musician and artist Keaton Henson, who will create an evocative soundscape to accompany Murphy’s installation, which is produced in partnership with Sim Smith Gallery. Artist Margot Bowman will create a unique new interactive work with electronic musicians and producers Actress and Giganta, presented by WerkhausLTD.

There will be limited free public access to the exhibitions throughout the festival and Saturdays throughout August so why not chance your arm and explore? You never know, you might just like it.

Art Social '14 kicks off on 31st July at The House of St Barnabas, click here for tickets and more information.