ana mendieta: traces

Art & Culture

Ana Mendieta died tragically young, at the age of just 36, after an accident at her appartment in Greenwich Village, New York, in 1985. In her short life she’d already become an acclaimed artist, but there’s a feeling that she’s never really been credited with the respect she deserves. Drawing on Afro-Cuban and Catholic rituals, she straddled a line between performance art, photography, sculpture and film and pioneered a modern reappraisal of working with natural materials – blood, earth, hair & feathers.

Her forthcoming retrospective at The Hayward looks set to do Mendieta justice, focussing, as it does on her entire career (part of the exhibition features recreations of the solo exhibitions of here lifetime) as well as her importnace and legacy as an ‘elemental’ artist and feminist.

The exhibition kicks off on 25th September at The Hayward, tickets and info are over on their website.