alternative guide to the universe

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The idea of the ‘outsider’ artist can sometimes be a little cloying. It can suggest that art itself is an ‘insider’ thing, which (call me an idealist) I personally find a bit deflating. Being an artist is, in itself, pretty much an outsider thing. If you’re going to spend your life commited to interpreting your ideas into artistic creations with little hope of commercial gain, then safe to say you are acting somewhat ‘outside’ convention.

Anyway, this isn’t a tirade, just a precursor to saying that I’m glad that the curators/press release penners of the current  show at the Haywood – Alternative Guide to the Universe – avoid the term.  The show features a number of artists who are bound together both by their eccentric approach to ‘art’ and their refreshingly singular imaginations. From new alphabets to time travelling machines, fictional identities to healing machines – the spirit of creative invention is alive and kicking.

With a side attraction of having the wonderful The Museum of Everything hosting their own corner of the show, featuring the work of Sri Nek Chand Saini, this is one of the exhibitions of the year. For further info/tickets check out the Haywood website.