Wydr Is Tinder, But For Art

Art & Culture

Swipe left for no, right for yes, we’ve all been guilty of it, the glorious shameful swipe. However a new app may turn the art industry upside down. Wydr lets users buy art in a whole new way, from paintings, sculptures to digital art. It claims art galleries are for the 1% and Wydr is for the other 99%. It’s for the casual art lovers, who no longer need to buy their art from Ikea. It’s objective; to change the way the traditional art world works. 

The app launched in Switzerland earlier this year by Timo Hahn and Mattias Dorner, and has received mixed reviews in the art world. The app works by reinventing the way the artist and buyers interact and work together. Overtime Wydr learns your tastes and curates recommendations for you to optimise your experience. All your favorites are saved to your own personal gallery.

 However many critics have accused the app of producing a yes or no binary to art work, instead of buyers seeing the work and thinking why? Anyone can upload their artwork on to the app, which has led one critic to call it, ‘mystery grab-bag filled with garbage.’ On top of all this, artists are being judged on a small iphone screen, which is probably cracked. 

Nevertheless Wydr seems to have tapped into an audience, with over 400 artists uploading work weakly, only time will tell if wydr is the new tinder. 


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