Watch Trailer For New Ralph Steadman Doc

Art & Culture

Drunken, acerbic, narcotic chomping maniac, Ralph Steadman is one of the UK's finest satirists. From illustrating Hunter S Thompson's gonzo bible 'Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas', to being given the boot from the The Times for being 'too seditious', his scratchy barbs have been revealing the monsters lurking beneath public life for near 60 years. Now a new documentary examing his life and work has been released. 12 years in the making, 'For No Good Reason', delves into Steadman's life, examining his relationship with Thompson, his enduring wild streak (one small example: he once tried to spray paint 'FUCK THE POPE' on the side of a yacht racing in the America's Cup), and his commitment to making a difference.

"Cartooning meant more to me than funny pictures .." he tells director Charlie Paul, "I needed to apply it as a weapon…"

Watch the trailer below, and catch the film at the Curzon, Soho on May 30th, followed by a Q&A with Steadman and director Paul.