Upcoming Events At The Hundred Years Gallery

Art & Culture

As always, the Hundred Years Gallery has a whole host of interesting events and exhibitions to immerse yourself in. One of these events is London-based Spanish artist Jaime Valtierra's exhibition titled 'The Idiot. New Paintings and Works on Paper.' The exhibition comprises of a recent cycle of paintings and drawings (2012-2014), as well as a group of prints produced during an Arts Residency in Florence in 2014.

Valtierra's paintings are made up of bold brush strokes, giving the subjects of his paintings expression and life. They are a feast for the eyes and create a deeply engaging image to contemplate. It will be well worth seeing the paintings in person. Valtierra's 'The Idiot' will be calling the Hundred Years Gallery in London home from 28th May – 28th June.

Also on, and well worth going to see, is new music from Olivia Salvadori (voice) and Sandro Mussida (cello, electronics). They will be performing a new programme of written and improvised music for combinations of soprano voice/electronics/cello in collaboration with Joe Zeitlin of the electroacoustic trio Tehkla. The juxtaposition of classical and electronic music is bound to weave out a tapestry of delectable music to enjoy. This will be kicking off on Thursday 4th June.

PLUS (yes, there's more!) Hundred Years Gallery wants to open its space to all artists of all ages, those who perhaps have never had the opportunity of exhibiting their work, those who perhaps never dare to show them in public, and those who just want to feel free of judgement from arts panels. They encourage all their neighbours from the York Row Council Estate to participate as part of the community. All the works will be accepted and exhibited.The 8 most voted artists will participate in a Hundred Years Gallery  Group Show during 2016 organized and curated by the Director Montse Gallego.

Go on, get some culture in you.

For more information on Jaime Valtierra's 'The Idiot' click here.

For more information on Salvadori and Mussida's performance click here.

Deadline for entries to the open call is Friday 26th of June. For more information on how to apply click here. Good luck!