Trailer For Bullingdon Club Satire Now Online

Art & Culture

'The Riot Club'  – Laura Wade's film adaptation of her award winning play 'Posh' is due to hit UK screens on September 12th – just in time to give the public a gentle, pre-election reminder of our present government's educational background. The film follows the exploits of an Oxford University club made up of spoilt asshats, known as The Riot Club. As you've no doubt guessed, the film is a fairly vicious satire on the antics of the Bullingdon Club, the Oxford society known for smashing up restaurants and a sense of hideous entitlement, that counted Boris Johnson, David Cameron and George Osborne as members.

Directed by Lone Scherfig, who made the surprisingly good grime musical One Day, and the Oscar nominated 'An Education', 'The Riot Club' stars Max Irons (yep, he who is Jeremy Irons' kid) and Sam Claflin, both of whom are being spoken of as at the forefront of a new generation of British actors. With a tag line of 'filthy rich and spoilt rotten', the film will no doubt give voters plenty to ruminate on before May's General Election. Watch the trailer below.