Tom’S Etching Studio To Launch In Peckham

Art & Culture

A brand new etching studio, apparently run by a bloke named Tom, is set to open up in the streets of Peckham at the end of the month.

Tom's Etching Studio is set to launch on 25th September and will be the first studio that will focus on Intaglio (etching + engraving) and Relief (lino + woodblock) printing. Anyone with an interest in making art of their very own and exploring some of the less well-known techniques involved in the coming together of art should give the studio a look to see if they can create something that they're proud of.

Just like all our parents did, right?

Tom's Etching Studio's launch party is on 25th September – the studio can be found at Railway Arch 229, Blenheim Grove, London. Find out more here.