Tickets Available For 35mm Film Screenings From European Masters

Art & Culture

Art film promoters A Nos Amours are offering two screenings two open 2015 with style. First is a showing of D'Est, Chantel Ackerman's silent travelogue, documenting the USSR as it was collapsing. It sounds like the ideal viewing for a cold January –  as A Nos Amours have it –

"Akerman voyages through the countries of the eastern block, behind the iron curtain, just a that system was in free fall. She travels through East Germany, Poland and the Baltic states, across Russia towards Moscow and its cavernous terminal stations…

Bleak, for sure, but beautiful image-making and laying out of materials, the deft and caring work of a great artist. A work of astonishing, magical sublimity and intensity."

Next comes a screening of Bresson's Mouchette, followed by a talk with reknowned French cinephile Rancière, where he will further a discussions of Mouchette that he started with his recent, highly regarded book The Intervals of Cinema.

"Robert Bresson's Mouchette is ostensibly an adaptation of Robert Bernanos' book – a book that is inbuded with the Catholicism of its writer. Bresson's Mouchette is something else: a fable about a lonely, poor country girl, growing up in a culture that is cruel, violent and dominated by silent alcoholic men, made according to a pared down sense of what cinema is or should be, a work of marvellous beauty. Bresson is the film-maker most mentioned and adored by other film-makers…"

D'Est screens on Thursday 22nd January 2015, 7pm at ICA London – tickets available here

Mouchette screens on Friday 30th January, 2015 – 5.30pm, King’s College London, with only a few tickets available from here