The Nomad Cinema Unveil Valentine’s Screenings

Art & Culture

If you're looking to get some romantic films in around Valentine's Day this year then The Nomad Cinema have got something brilliant in store for you. With 2 nights of films at The Lookout in Hyde Park, you can treat yourself to the brilliant pairing of Harold and Maude and The Graduate on Friday 13th February or spend the most romantic day of the year staring into the dreamy eyes of Ryan Gosling in a double bill featuring his films The Notebook and Drive.

There are also chances to see the excellent Fargo at Hoxton Hotel on 25th January and Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge at The Hippodrome Casino on 15th March. Whether you're feeling in the romantic spirit or not, you can't beat a good film.

For full details, check the official Nomad Cinema website.