The Heavens, Annual Report

Art & Culture

Tax havens are a controversial subject not often presented within the context of all things creative. Two Italian photographers, Paolo Woods and Gabriele Galimberti, found art within this comsumerist and capitalist-fuelled subject.

The project, The Heavens, Annual Report came into existence after Galimberti jokingly told Woods that he should take his money to the Cayman Isles after the Italian state said they would take away 50% of his earnings. The pair quickly became interested in the subject and began to photograph the Caymans and other low-tax centres around the world over the course of three years.

The idea of big corporations avoiding tax is not something many are able to visualise properly in their heads and thus becomes something that is not often discussed. Woods and Galimberti tackled this project with the intention to open up conversation by presenting the public with intentionally banal images they could use in association with tax havens.

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