The Book Club Celebrates 10 Years Of The Mighty Boosh on tour With The Boosh Club

Art & Culture

The Book Club in Shoreditch, will become ‘The Boosh Club’ from the 20th October 2016- 29th January 2017, celebrating a decade since The Mighty Boosh first went on tour. The Boosh Club will unveil a series of unseen photography from, designer, photographer and cast member Dave Brown AKA Bollo, followed by illustrations from Noel Fielding AKA Vince Noir. The Boosh club will also host an array of Boosh themed events, such as an artist lock in and Halloween Party. 

Although the TV series earned The Boosh its cult following, the live tour in 2006 was where Noel and Julian’s raw chemistry truly came alive. This chemistry led the tour to break the world record in 2008 for seven consecutive at Brixton Academy, beating the likes of The Sex pistols, Bob Dylan and Iron Maiden. This produced 99 more gigs across the UK and Ireland, selling out Wembley Arena and 02 Arena, the Boosh soon became a force to be reckoned with. 

Dave Brown documented this phenomenon throughout, with these photographs shining a unique spotlight into the whimsical, wild and creative world that is The Mighty Boosh. The exhibition will also include some original live show props from, Andy Hollingworth, Ivana Zorn, Jake and the hate mail aficionado Mr Bingo. 

Limited edition prints will also been on sale, with a percentage of the profit going to Help Refugees. 


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