The Art Of The British Funfair

Art & Culture

We've all been on a waltzer at some point in our lives, whether or not we were entirely keen on the idea in the first place is another matter. You might be one of those big keenos that loves a good ride on the old fairground classic, so much so that you could even want to bring this look in the past glory of the fairground into your home in the form of Waltzer, a 224-page coffee table style book.

No, seriously, this actually looks like a great idea to give these often under-appreciated works of art the chance the deserve to infiltrate your life a tad more than just popping up in green spaces when there's a bank holiday. If you're a fan of good old British values (Careful, we're not UKIP… – Ed.) then you can be a part of this intriguing project by donating to the Kickstarter campaign to make this dream a reality.

Go on, it'll be a right page spinner. (Sorry, I thought I had a better line than that to sign off with…)

Find out more and donate to The Waltzer Book here.