Soundtrack To 1982 Sci-Fi Horror, ‘The Thing’ To Be Re-Issued

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'The Thing' is to have its soundtrack re-issued.

The cult, sci-fi horror classic from 1982 sees a team of antrepid, Antarctic researchers infiltrated by a parasitic alien that imitates their fellow team members.

The original score was composed by legendary Italian conductor, composer, and orchestrator Ennio Morricone. 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly', 'In The Line of Fire', and 'The Hateful Eight' amongst many other can be credited to Morricone. The music of 'The Thing' is widely regarded as a  "landmark musical composition".

It's dark, eery, and moody spilling over with sinister organs. A sound that perfectly encapsulates the cold, isolated tone of the film.

Listen to the digital soundtrack below.

Pre-order the 12" HERE

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