‘Solidity – Tell Me How You Stand’ Heads To Hundred Years Gallery

Art & Culture

Rocks – we pass them every day without paying them more than an instant of attention, unless you happen to be a geologist or work in a quarry. So why, then, would we want to go see an exhibition dedicated to our gravelly friends?

Well it seems as though Sophie Glover and Ella West believe there's definitely plenty worth paying attention to in the world of rocks and they may just be onto something. Having spent time working as artists in residence on Kökar, a small island positioned between Sweden and Finland in the middle of the Baltic Sea, the pair have put together an exhibition that explores the rocks fromt he island in more ways than you could have ever imagined.

From Friday 18th September the exhibition, Solidity – Tell Me How You Stand (30 Days of Sediment), will take place at London's Hundred Years Gallery and will feature work in video, painting, drawing, installation and sculpture alongside a collection of rock related visual material. There's an interactive event on 24th September where the artists will combine with Bristol collective CHAMP for a participatory performance about the perception of rocks.

Don't be a stick in the mud, be a rock in the gallery.

Solidity – Tell Me How You Stand (30 Days of Sediment) takes place at Hundred Years Gallery from 18th-27th September – find out more here. Get daily updates on the project here.