Shortlist Announced For Griffin Art Prize

Art & Culture

The London based gallery has unveiled the names nominated for its annual art prize which include Pallas Citroen, Cynthia Cruz, Olivia Kemp, Ana Milenkovic, Emma Papworth and Uesung Lee. The winner will be provided with a prestigious three month residency within the space. The competition, which is designed to help support up and coming contemporary artists, was last year won by Zsofia Schweger. All of those shortlisted for this year's prize will feature in an exhibition between the 24th of November and 23rd of December later this year. The winner will be announced in line with the exhibition's opening. More details can be found HERE.  

Below are works by those shortlisted…

Pallas Citroen

Ana Milenkovich

Cynthia Cruz

Uesung Lee

Olivia Kemp

Emma Papworth


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