Sacred And Profane At Hundred Years Gallery

Art & Culture

One of London's finest purveyors of artistic expression, The Hundred Years Gallery, have got another corking exhibit opening up on Friday in the form of Sacred and Profane.

The exhibition features a range of artists celebrating the arrival of spring by bringing a variety of impressive original work to the Hoxton gallery. Celebrating the power of nature and the imagination will be Dagmar Rieger, Ella Guru, Helene Williams, Jo Roberts, Gaye Black, Danielle Dax, Charlie Pi and Stephen Bird.

They boldly examine life, death, sex, religion and transgression as a mirror is held up to our culture’s taboos, in terms of what is acceptable to represent, to reject, and to use. The work at the exhibition will be a combination of sculpture, painting, illustration, film, collage and assemblage.

Find out more about the exhibition here.