Rvng Intl. Release Film To Accompany New Body Lp – Watch

Art & Culture

RVNG Intl. have released a short film to accompany The Body's latest brooding, brutal opus I Shall Die Here. As you might imagine from a project which features the drums and howling of The Body recontextualised by Bobby 'Haxan Cloak' Krlic, I Shall Die Here is a formidable, harsh edged listen, and the film accompaniment is equally flinty. The 10 minute short tells the story of an isolated man living in a cabin on the edge of the woods, trying to hold onto his memory while forced to confront a raging storm.

"Listening to The Body's I Shall Die Here, I was pulled into this landscape that had been created; an incredibly visual account of death, tragedy and loss," elaborated director Jason Evans. "I had this image of a man, his face covered in dirt, but his arms still moving and his eyes open. Body and soil. The image reminded me of the kind of parallels artist Robert Smithson made between geological change and the fragility of the mind, which in turn gave me the emotional content of the film."



The Body have a handful of UK dates approaching – catch them at the following:


22 Glasgow, UK – Audio
23 Manchester, UK – Roadhouse
24 Bournemouth, UK – The Winchester
25 Bristol, UK – St Thomas Church
26 London, UK – The Underworld (Desertfest)

I Shall Die Here is available to buy on all formats now.