Rubble Kings Screening In London With Director And Composer Q&A

Art & Culture

Rubble Kings is an excellent documentary exploring the gangs and boroughs of pre- hip hop New York, drawing parallels between the mythical gang violence, as immortalised in The Warriors, and the actual gangs themselves. Whilst it transpires that the truth wasn't so very far from violent fiction, Rubble Kings also shows the humanity, revolutionary politics and love of music that ran through the black and Latino gangs of New York – a heady combination that – after a near total gang war was averted – led to the birth of house and hip hop. 

Now the film is set to screen at the Ace Hotel, Shoreditch, this Friday (Feb 12th) from 7pm, alongside a Q&A session with both director Shan Nicholson and soundtrack composer Little Shalimar. The good news is the screening is completely free (woo!) you just need to RSVP over here

Check the trailer below: