Royal Court Theatre Takes Up Second Residency In Tottenham This Month

Art & Culture

Royal Court Theatre are back for a second summer in Tottenham with a programme of work made in close collaboration with the people of Tottenham. This year’s festival explores Tottenham’s cultures and communities through a variety of art forms, from short films to outdoor performances, all of which are free for Tottenham residents. As an addition this year, they will also have a cultural hub in Tottenham, where they'll be hosting performances in a shipping container, parked up at local arts and music space T. Chances. As part of the Tottenham Film Project, this Saturday the container will be hosting screenings of 1 minute films, shot by Tottenham residents on their smart phones. With further shows featuring the Jewish community from Stamford Hill, local writer-performers and a unique look inside the barber shops & nail bars of the area, it once again highlights the strong artistic and cultural values of the N15 – N17 area and it's neighbours.

Royal Court Tottenham Festival takes place 1-17 July 2016 and more info can be found HERE

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