Ron English Exhibition At Boxpark

Art & Culture

Ron English is the creator of several brilliant, thought-provoking pieces of art. Whether it's his amalgamation of Obama and Lincoln's faces, his 'Mars Simpson' look at one of the world's most iconic cartoon characters or any of his other excellent pieces of work, you can be sure that he'll give you something to think about.

English is on his way to London to paint a mural on a shipping container in Shoreditch's Boxpark which you'll be able to see him hard at work on Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th February. You'll then be able to see his exhibition launch on the evening of the 5th at Boxpark, as well as a book signing at a pop up shop in the same place on Friday 6th February from 2pm.

To find out more about Ron English, see his Popaganda website.