Pop Up Screens Combine Films & Cocktails

Art & Culture

Do you like films? Do you like cocktails? Do you love The Goonies as much as we do? The answer to all these questions is (probably) yes so you'd best get your skates on and book your tickets to the upcoming weekend of film and cocktail combinations coming your way courtesy of Pop Up Screens.

From 13th-15th March, you'll be able to watch a selection of films while sipping on something a little stronger than you'd generally be able to pick up with your popcorn. You can enjoy a White Russian whilst watching The Big Lebowski, have a Screaming Orgasm while you watch When Harry Met Sally or enjoy the delightful scent of The Sex Panther as you gaze upon Anchorman. If only they'd been able to come up with a 'Truffle Shuffle' for The Goonies this would have been the perfect plan.

The Pop Up Screens Speakeasy takes place from 13th-15th March. To find out where and when each film will be shown, click here.