Picasso Reimagined- Omar Aqil Unveils New Project ‘Mimic’

Art & Culture

Pakistani artist Omar Aqil has unveiled his latest exhibition- MIMIC- a series in which he takes influential works of art from the past and reimagines them in 3D form.

For the first part of the series Aqil has taken six of Picasso's most memorable paintings and transformed them into 3D geometrical forms. In the series he has translated Picasso's works into shapes to give them their new form. Omar says: "In this visual mimicry I have shown, how the skill responds when it come across the complexity of someone’s thought and how the meanings of the shapes and forms have been changed and create new physical qualities…..I am trying to explore more to his geometric forms."

The six pieces were created using Cinema 4D-Vray, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Check out more of Aqil's work over THIS WAY.

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