Passing Clouds Has Been Shut Down

Art & Culture

Dalston venue Passing Clouds has lost it's battle to stay open after a team of 40 bailiffs finally evicted protesters at 4am on Tuesday.

Since being sold to a property developer in November, the team have been engaged in a lengthy dispute with the new owners regarding the future of Passing Clouds.

Refusing to sign an agreement stating they had voluntarily moved their business because of poor building conditions, Passing Clouds Director Eleanor Wilson was taken to court by developers and offered a 15-year lease at three times the price of their current rent.

Regardless of the new agreement, the new owners changed the locks shortly after the court visit, inciting protestors to gain entry to occupy the building and continue their work.

The fight continues as the team seek further action in the High Court with protests organised for 10 September in the pipeline. 

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