New independent radio station ‘Echobox’ launches in Amsterdam this summer

Art & Culture

This summer sees the launch of Echobox, a new independent online radio station in the heart of Amsterdam.

Founded by a group of local and international Amsterdammers, the station’s mission is to put the format of traditional radio front and centre, offering a programme with a solid focus on audio: interviews, talk shows and live music, as well as DJ sets within a radio context.

The roster is yet to be announced but will feature both familiar and fresh local DJs, storytellers, collectives and cultural institutions, as well as exclusive shows from international artists and music lovers passing through the city. To paint a true picture of the music scene within Amsterdam, Echobox are also encouraging new and aspiring broadcasters to send in their show pitches.

The team behind Echobox is made up of Chalice Cox-Hynd, Victor Crezée, Mohamed Ghabri, Rachella Groen and Lorenzo Milelli, who between them have a wealth experience in various fields of the music industry including work with 22tracks, BBC Radio, BLiP Agency, Mo Manager, Patta Soundsystem and Red Light Radio.

Echobox will launch this summer. Follow their Instagram for updates. Pitches will be open soon HERE.