New Exhibition Explores Digital Tech Reshaping London

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A free New London Architecture (NLA) exhibition exploring ‘Smarter London’ opens on Thursday October 9th, at NLA’s galleries in The Building Centre, WC1. The show explores how data, technology and analytics are changing the way we design, build and manage the city.

From the exhibition press release:

"‘Smarter London’ uncovers a host of exciting smart projects taking place in London and examines the role of data in the development of a single building or even large-scale city-wide infrastructure projects such as Crossrail to the new role that gaming plays in community consultation projects. ‘Smarter London’ also explores what the capital might look like in the future."

"Visitors to the exhibition can explore a virtual London from an entirely new perspective with exhibits such as the Pigeon Sim – which uses gesture control to swoop and soar high over the city or a model of London that shows real-time data on the state of the Capital, featuring aircraft positions, Barclays Cycle Hire status, the height of the Thames and traffic information."

"Curator and NLA chairman Peter Murray said: “The world of smart cities in increasingly crowded and complex. The exhibition and Insight Study provide an insight into the impact on London's planning of this fast changing field from individual fitness monitors to city-wide transport systems.”

Over at Ransom Note towers, we're not entirely convinced that the fetish for outsourcing previously well-managed tasks to new technology neccessarily equates with a 'smarter' city, but we're interested in the case this exhibition might make….

Visiting and opening hours
The exhibition is on show from 9 October to 18 December at NLA’s galleries in The Building
Centre, 26 Store Street, London WC1E 7BT

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm
Saturday, 10am – 5pm
Closed Sunday
Free to enter

Find out more on the NLA website