Mister Saturday Night Need Your Help To Secure New Permanent Home

Art & Culture

New York parties Mister Saturday Night, Mister Sunday and Nowadays have created a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the final stages of the build of what they hope to be their new, permanent home. 

For decades Eamon and Justin have grown a community of all ages in temporary homes across New York. The space where Nowadays currently resides needs more work, and the guys need your help.

The space aims to be a 365-days-a-year hang-out and will host, not only the parties, but also film nights, listening sessions and classes- a truly cultural, community based hub. They've also enlisted the help of Henry Rich from Brooklyn's Rucola to programme the food and drinks menu.

Watch the Kickstarter campaign below:

To contribute to the Kickstarter campaign head HERE.

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