Metin Salih Presents: Power. Passion. Pain

Art & Culture

From the 9th-14th of June, The Brick Lane Gallery will be welcoming the work of artist Metin Salih for his first solo show: 'Power. Passion. Pain.' The exhibition will be devoted to Metin's portraiture work and viewers will be able to explore his evolving stylistic journey as a painter.

When viewing Metin's main body of work, it is obvious that he finds painting women to be both intriguing and engaging. It is also clear from the bold colours and hyper-real nature of his work that Metin has an illustration background. This, combined with Metin's experimental approach to the traditional medium of painting by applying various materials to his surfaces, from old brushes and rusty nails to airbrush and cements, makes for a truly interesting viewing experience. Metin believes that beauty and uniqueness can be found in these acts of experimentation as they bring to the table newfound textures and colours.

'Power. Passion. Pain' will be show cased at the Brick Lane Gallery on the 9th-14th of June. For more information on Metin Selih visit his Facebook page here.