Limited Ransom Note T’S And Sweatshirts Now On Sale. World Is Saved.

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Is 2016 getting you down? Are you schlepping through each day like a drained sack of sad? Does Nigel Farage skip through your dreams sporting union jack brogues? Is everything just shit? NO. Thanks be to God dear reader, the answer is NO. Because now we're flogging Ransom Note threads and everything is going to be OK. Look at one of the TShirts. MMMMmmmm.

For a limited period (18 days as it happens) you can change everything. Designed by our compadres at Silencio, even the mere act of donning one of these luxurious – yet practical – garments will transport you to a sweet new world; a world where strangers will be amazed and friends will be intimidated. Your new found immense sartorial on-pointness will be all things to all people; a talking point, a state to aspire to, and (naturally) an irrisistable aphrodisiac. And YES the rumours are true; every single Ransom Note item has been specially tailored to work in EXACTLY the opposite way as Rowdy Roddy Piper's They Live shades. They will take the useless world we live in and overlay it with a shimmering mirage of fragrant glitter, neon emojis and kawaii cat memes. Lovely.

Ransom Note Clothes! Dare you live without them? Guffaw your way through the apocalpyse! Buy R$N! Buy for yourself! Buy for your loved ones!! BUY!!! BUY !!!!

Begin the process of saving your life here: THE RANSOM NOTE SHOP





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