Lia Chavez Explores Brainwaves As Art Material

Art & Culture

During the bustling Frieze week, New York based artist Lia Chavez will present will present Tumult, a 4-hour meditation, light and projection performance in London. Premiering a completely new digital-neurology system developed in collaboration with leading creative technology agency rehabstudio, Lia will be radically merging technology and art into one – using her consciouness as an art material. 

During the performance, Lia will use her brainwaves to create a visual landscape using a custom-coded headset that reads the activity in her mind and transmits the information to a visual projection system that interprets it into a light show. 

Lia, a New York-based visual and performance artist, works with multimedia to explore the behaviour of light during meditation, and instead of a still, calm and quiet place, she discovered that deep meditation can trigger visions of stroboscopic light and violent storm systems.

Tumult is presented as part of the exhibition Light Fantastic during the Frieze Art Fair on Monday evening at 12 Hay Hill.