Last Chance To See A Sequence Of Nows

Art & Culture

An exhibition from six artists who go about skewing our perspective of time and our notions of identity, materiality, history and the relationship between them at Holborn's Display Gallery draws to a close this Thursday. Go and catch it if you haven't already!

Time is not only used as a theme but as a medium for some of the artists involved in the exhibition, and a process that alters and recasts the work they produce. Caroline Abbotts' work is exposed to moonlight to observe its effect, whereas visual fragments are transformed into structure in Claudia Barthoi's abstract paintings. Yi Dai makes use of her own hair in her composition, the simple, yet complex act of etching is explored by Florian Foerster. Kristian Kragelund experiments in the use of home-made paints and acids, and Andrea Medjesi-Jones demonstrates the theme with thread on canvas.

The use of everyday materials is combined with more precious material to show irreverence… We're doing our best to understand art theory. It's pretty interesting.

A Sequence Of Nows runs until Thursday 30th July at Display Gallery, Morley House, 26 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2AQ. Find out more here.