Jon Savage Documents 1966 In New Collection Of Essays

Art & Culture

Jon Savage remains in the top tier of English music writers. England's Dreaming, his collection of work on the explosion of punk, wove together scholarly treatise with personal diary entries, creating an account that combined the vitality of the moment with indeoth analysis. As such it's a classic to this day.

Savage has now cast his eye over 1966, a pivotal year for both British pop music and Britian itself. Simply titled 1966, his new book ties together the social and cultural forces shaping the mid 60s, advocating for 1966 to be recognised as a watershed moment for the nation. It looks at the stars of the day- The Beatles, The Byrds, Velvet Underground, Dusty Springfield and The Kinks, and places them in context taken from hours of archival research. Whatever his conclusions, we're fairly sure 1966 is going to be a thought provoking read…

1966 is published by Faber Social on November 12th – more info over here