John Pilger Seeks To Crowd Fund New Film ‘The Coming War’

Art & Culture

Radical journalist John Pilger has launched a crowd funding campaign to finance his latest film The Coming War. Pilger is known for his challenges to power, having written books and made films attacking everything from the global banking elite to his home country of Australia's genocidal policies towards Aborigines. Now Pilger is looking to make a film about a situation he sees potentially spilling over into the war – the worsening relationship between China and America. On his crowd funding page he has the following to say:

"The working title is The Coming War Between America and China,  and the film will tell the largely unreported story of a new US strategic policy known as 'the pivot to Asia'. In a nutshell, what this means is that the US is  preparing for a new provocative cold war that has every chance of becoming a hot war. Washington has begun to move its main missile and naval forces into the Asia-Pacific in order to surround and 'confront' China, whose extraordinary economic rise in recent years is regarded in Washington as a threat to American dominance. For obvious reasons, I won't lay out here the 'where, what and why'. Suffice to say the film will be shot in some surprising places where I'll meet and interview extraordinary people. Above all, it will be revealing: that is assured."

Experience suggests that Pilger is probably onto something – he's been telling hard truthes for over 35 years and isn't one to sensationlise a situation. Funding starts from £1, and incentives include posters taken from stills from the film, and invites to the premiere. If you're interested in knowing more, head over to The Coming War's crowd funding page.


The Coming War – The new John Pilger documentary from Dartmouth Films on Vimeo.